To capture a moment in time is a gift that we can pass on to others, it is a treasure that warms our heart and speaks our soul.

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“I consider myself more of an artist than a photographer. I was schooled in the photographic disciplines at Sheridan College and real world taught in photographic, inkjet and digital press printing, working as a photographic colour and digital specialist for over 25 years. Combining my practical experiences with artistic creativity, I use the camera as my brush, allowing me to take a moment in time and create a work of art. I have taken an interest in working with athletes of all types in and out of their environment.


To capture a moment in time is a gift that we can pass on to others- it is a treasure that warms our heart and speaks our soul. This ability to convey the depth of such a profound experience lies in the expertise and innate talent of the photographer capturing the essence of the moment. As the well-known saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words" and while this is true, we know it takes an artist to fully  tease out the subtle, yet powerful nuances of the message that speak directly to the core of those connecting with the image. Stephen Trites in his grounded and gifted way is a professional photographer who is passionate about reminding us that in every being, and every act, there is power that captures the exquisite vulnerability of humanity.


Photos can evoke powerful emotion.  He prefers to use models that have an interesting life, past history or hidden talent.  Photos are meant to tell a story and are meant to challenge us to ask questions not only about ourselves but about the person in the photo.  Why do we find some photos shocking while others are pleasing to the eye?  Media and mainstream culture tell us that beauty should look a certain way.  Women are lead to believe that we are not beautiful unless we are skinny, well-coiffed and decked out in the latest and most trendy expensive clothing.


As children we are at ease in front of a camera.  As adults though, we frequently feel stiff and uncomfortable.  We judge ourselves.  This is unfortunate and we can learn to love ourselves more easily when we receive confirmation of just how unique and precious each and every one of us are.  It is our uniqueness that makes us beautiful.  Life would be colourless and boring if every tree, flower and sunset looked exactly the same.  Stephen helps to remind us that our natural individuality is what truly makes us radiant.  We all need to learn how to shine.  Through the medium of photography Stephen intuitively extracts the true essence of the person.




An account of the series of events making up a person's life